Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Encyclopedia Of Pigeons



Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl Pigeon

Ablaq Egyptian Swift Pigeon

Absy Egyptian Swift Pigeon

African Owl Pigeon

Ahmar Gohzar Pigeon

Altenburg Trumpeter Pigeon

American Fantail Pigeon

American Giant Homer Pigeon

American Giant Runt Pigeon

American Show Racer Pigeon

Amsterdam Tumbler Pigeon

Anatolian Ringbeater Pigeon

Anbary Asmar Pigeon

Ancient Crested Tumbler Pigeon
Ankut Turkish Tumbler Pigeon

Antwerp Smerle Pigeon

Arabian Trumpeter Pigeon

Archangel Pigeon Gimpel

Armenian Tumbler Pigeon

Asfer Egyptian Swift Pigeon

Asiatic Crack Tumbler Pigeon

Austoraly Egyptian Swift Pigeon
Australian Performing Tumbler Pigeon

Australian Saddleback Tumbler Pigeon

Azman Pigeon Turkish Tumbler


Bagadais Pigeon Magkantai
Barbarisi Owl Pigeon
Baska Tumbler Pigeon
Belgian Ringbeater Pigeon
Berlin Long Faced Muffed Tumbler Pigeon
Berlin Short Faced Muffed Tumbler Pigeon
Bernburg Trumpeter Pigeon
Berne Half Beak Pigeon
Bernhardin Tumbler Pigeon
Birmingham Roller Pigeon
Bohemian Pouter Pigeon
Bohemian Swallow Pigeon
Bokhara Trumpeter Pigeon
Bolk Egyptian Swift Pigeon

Bremen Tumbler Pigeon
Breslauer Tumbler Pigeon
British Show Racer Pigeon
Brunner Pouter Pigeon
Budapest Highflyer Pigeon
Budapest Short Face Tumbler Pigeon
Bursa Turkish Tumbler Pigeon


Carneau Pigeon
Catalonian Tumbler Pigeon
Cauchois Pigeon
Chinese Blue Pigeon
Chinese Nasal Tufted Pigeon
Chinese Owl Pigeon
Clean Legged Fullhead Swallow Pigeon
Clean Legged Spot Swallow Pigeon
Coburg Lark Pigeon
Cologne Tumbler Pigeon
Crested Soultz Pigeon
Czech Ice Pouter Pigeon


Damascene Pigeon
Danish Suabian Pigeon
Danish Tumbler Pigeon
Danzig Highflyer Pigeon
Debrecin Roller Pigeon
Demkes Turkish Tumbler Pigeon
Deportivo Pouter Pigeon
Devriendt Pigeon
Dolapci Turkish Tumbler Pigeon
Domestic Show Flight Pigeon
Donek Turkish Tumbler Pigeon
Double Crested Priest Pigeon
Dutch Highflyer Pigeon


East Prussian Tumbler Pigeon
Egyptian Swift Pigeon

Elbinger Tumbler Pigeon
Elster Pouter Pigeon
English Carrier Pigeon
English Dragoon Pigeon
English Fantail Pigeon
English Long Faced Clean Legged Tumbler Pigeon
English Long Faced Muffed Tumbler Pigeon
English Magpie Pigeon
English Pouter Pigeon
English Short Faced Tumbler Pigeon
English Show Homer Pigeon
English Show Tippler Pigeon
English Trumpeter Pigeon
Escampadissa Tumbler Pigeon
Exhibition Fantail Pigeon
Exhibition Flying Show Tippler Pigeon
Exhibition Homer Pigeon


Felegyhazer Tumbler Pigeon
Florentine Pigeon
Franconian Trumpeter Pigeon
Franconian Velvet Shield Pigeon
French Bagdad Pigeon
French Mondain Pigeon
French Owl Pigeon
Frill Back Pigeon


Gaditano Pouter Pigeon
Galetini Roller Pigeon
Garden Fantail Pigeon
Gazzi Modena Pigeon
Genuine Homer Pigeon
German Beauty Homer Pigeon
German Double Crested Trumpeter Pigeon
German Long Faced Tumbler Pigeon
German Modena Pigeon
German Shield Owl Pigeon
Ghent Cropper Pigeon
Ghent Pouter Pigeon
Giant American Crest Pigeon
Giant Mallorquina Runt Pigeon
Gier Pigeon
Gorguero Pouter Pigeon
Griwuni Tumbler Pigeon
Grizzle Pigeon
Groninger Slenke Pigeon
Gumbinner White Head Tumbler Pigeon


Hague Highflyer Pigeon
Halaby Egyptian Swift Pigeon
Hamburg Schimmel Pigeon
Hamburg Sticken Pigeon
Hamburg Tumbler Pigeon
Hana Pouter Pigeon
Hanover Tumbler Pigeon
Harlequin Pigeon
Harzburg Trumpeter Pigeon
Heles Egyptian Swift Pigeon
Helmet Pigeon
Hessian Pouter Pigeon
Hindi Fantail Pigeon
Holle Cropper Pigeon
Horseman Thief Pouter Pigeon
Hungarian Giant House Pigeon
Hungarian Pigeon


Ice Pigeon
Indian Fantail Pigeon
Iranian High Flyer Pigeon
Istanbul Bango Turkish Tumbler Pigeon
Italian Owl Pigeon


Jacobin Pigeon
Janssen Buitta Pigeon
Jiennense Pouter Pigeon


Karakand Fantail Pigeon
Karakandy Egyptian Swift Pigeon
Kaseel Tumbler Pigeon
Kazan Tumbler Pigeon
Kelebek Turkish Tumbler Pigeon
Kiev Tumbler Pigeon
King Pigeon
Koenigsberg Moorehead Tumbler Pigeon
Koenigsberg Reinaugen Tumbler Pigeon
Kojook Egyptian Swift Pigeon
Komorner Tumbler Pigeon
Konigsberg Moorhead Pigeon
Koros Tumbler Pigeon
Kumru Turkish Tumbler Pigeon


Lace Fantail Pigeon
Lahore Pigeon
Laudino Sevillano Pouter Pigeon
Lebanon Pigeon
Lille Pouter Pigeon
Lucerne Gold Collar Pigeon


Macedonian Turbit Pigeon
Magnani Modena Pigeon
Maltese Pigeon
Marchenero Pouter Pigeon
Mariola Pigeon
Mekanyarat Egyptian Swift Pigeon
Memel Highflyer Pigeon
Mesawed Egyptian Swift Pigeon

Meuleman - Racing Pigeon
Miniature American Crested Pigeon
Mondain Pigeon
Montauben French Breed Pigeon
Mookee Pigeon
Morrillero Alicantino Pouter Pigeon
Mulakat Turkish Tumbler Pigeon


Norwegian Tumbler Pigeon
Norwich Cropper Pigeon
Nuremberg Lark Pigeon
Nuremberg Swallow Pigeon


Old Australia Tumbler Pigeon
Old Dutch Capuchine Pigeon
Old Dutch Tumbler Pigeon
Old Dutch Turbit Pigeon
Old German Cropper Pigeon
Old German Magpie Tumbler Pigeon
Old German Nun Pigeon
Old German Owl Pigeon
Old German Turbit Pigeon
Oriental Roller Pigeon
Oriental Turbit Pigeon
Ostrava Bagdad Pigeon
Otati Egyptian Swift Pigeon


Parlor Roller Pigeon
Parlor Tumbler Pigeon
Pheasant Pigeon
Pigmy Mariola Pigeon
Pigmy Pouter Pigeon
Polish Barb Pigeon
Polish Long Faced Tumbler Pigeon
Polish Lynx Pigeon
Polish Orlik Pigeon
Polish Owl Pigeon
Pomeranian Pouter Pigeon
Pomeranian Show Crest Pigeon
Portuguese Tumbler Pigeon


Racing Homer Pigeon
Rafeno Pouter Pigeon
Rakovnik Roller Pigeon
Rehani Egyptian Swift Pigeon

Reversewing Pouter Pigeon
Rhine Ringbeater Pigeon
Rock Pigeon
Romagnol Pigeon
Romania Argentina Tumbler Pigeon
Romanian Naked Neck Tumbler Pigeon
Romanian Whitetail Tumbler Pigeon
Romer Runt Pigeon
Rostov Tumbler Pigeon
Russian Tumbler Pigeon


Safi Egyptian Swift Pigeon

Satinette Blondinette Hunkari Oriental Frills Pigeon
Saxon Fairy Swallow Pigeon
Saxon Monk Pigeon
Saxon Spot Pigeon
Saxon Swallow Pigeon
Saxon White Tail Pigeon
Scandaroon Pigeon
Schalaster Pouter Pigeon
Schamlkalden Moorhead Pigeon
Schietti Modena Pigeon
Schmolin Trumpeter Pigeon
Schoeneberg Barred Pigeon
Schoneberger Streifige Tumbler Pigeon
Seljuk Fantail Pigeon
Seraphim Pigeon
Serbian High Flyer Pigeon
Shakhsharli Tumblers Pigeon
Shirazi Pigeon
Silesian Pouter Pigeon
Silesian Swallow Pigeon
Silky Fantail Pigeon
Sottobanca Pigeon
South Batschka Tumbler Pigeon
South German Charcoal Lark Pigeon
South German Latz Pigeon
South German Monk Pigeon
South German Moorhead Pigeon
South German Priest Pigeon
Spanish Bagdad Pigeon
Spanish Barb Pigeon
Spanish Flamenca Runt Pigeon
Spanish Little Friar Tumbler Pigeon
Srebrniak Pigeon Perlovy
Staparski Tumbler Pigeon
Stargard Shaker Pigeon
Starwitzer Pouter Pigeon
Steiger Pouter Pigeon
Steinheim Bagdad Pigeon
Stettiner Tumbler Pigeon
Stralsunder Highflyer Pigeon
Strasser Pigeon
Swiss Mondain Pigeon
Syrian Bagdad Pigeon
Syrian Coop Tumbler Pigeon
Syrian Dewlap Pigeon
Syrian Fantail Pigeon
Syrian Swift Pigeon
Syrian Turbiteen Pigeon


Taklambac Turkish Tumbler Pigeon
Temeschburgs Pigeon
Texan Pioneer Pigeon
Thai Fantail Pigeon
Thuringian Field Pigeon
Thuringian Pouter Pigeon
Thuringian Shield Pigeon
Thuringian Spot Swallow Pigeon
Thuringian Swallow Pigeon
Thuringian White Bib Pigeon
Tiger Swallow Pigeon
Timisoara Tumbler Pigeon
Trabzon Turkish Tumbler Pigeon
Transylvanian Double Crested Tumbler Pigeon
Triganino Modenese Pigeon


Ukrainian Skycutter Pigeon
Urfa Tumbler Pigeon
Usbekian Tumbler Pigeon


Valencian Figurita Pigeon
Valencian Pouter Pigeon
Van Loon - Racing Pigeon
Vienna Long Faced Tumbler Pigeon
Vienna Medium Faced Tumbler Pigeon
Vienna Short Faced Tumbler Pigeon
Vogtland Trumpeter Pigeon
Voorburg Shield Cropper Pigeon


West of England Tumbler Pigeon

White Flying Homer Pigeon

Wuta Pigeon


  1. very well done. hope you accomplish the work with all the images.

  2. Sorry, but Turkish Azman is not a tumbler..Also I can't see Macedonian Dunek-Sppiner...

  3. Pigeons BASKA are tumblers or divers ? (Plonjeurs )

  4. THANK U ! ... good site i follow u

    The homing pigeon is a variety of domestic pigeon (Columba livia domestica) derived from the rock pigeon, selectively bred for its ability to find its way home over extremely long distances.